Our Departments

Department of Anatomy - MD

The Department of Anatomy makes a significant contribution to teaching activities of the Faculty of Medicine. Improving the quality of teaching is supported by addressing several educational projects, which have won awards at both national and international specialist forums.

1 Prof Sergei Nikolayevich Iukhimetc, Professor and Head of Department MD, PhD
2 Dr. Sadeesh T. Lecturer MBBS, MD
4 Dr. Praveen K. Lecturer MBBS, MD
5 Dr. Emmanuel Henry Suluba Lecturer MD, MSc
6 Dr. Edward Otieno Assistant lecturer Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Physiology - MD

The Department is centrally embedded in the Faculty of Medicine with strong links to hospital-based research institutes across Toronto. We also have close ties with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the allied Health Sciences.

1 Dr. Benjamin Luther Mtinangi Professor and Associate Head of Department MD, PhD
2 Dr. SamathVenkatswamy Senior Lecturer MBBS, MD Physiology
3 Dr. Felix FaustinMungulluh, Assistant lecturer MD
Department of Biochemistry - MD
2 Dr, Elizaveta Vasilivna Popova Associate Professor BSc, MSc, PhD
3 Dr. Upendo Primus Nkwera Tuorial Assistant MD
Department of Behavioral sciences

The Department of Behavioral Sciences supports the training of medical students under the guidance of acclaimed clinician educators.

1 Ms. Juliana Dyegura Assistant Lecturer and HOD B.Ed
Department of Professionalism and Ethics

Professionalism and ethical behavior in the workplace can benefit your career and improve your working environment. Understanding examples of professional and ethical behavior can help you to develop your own effective work habits. Be conscious of how you treat co-workers and your workplace attitude and you can improve your productivity and effectiveness

1 Dr. Tibyampansha Dominick Tikahikire Lecturer MD, MPH
2 Dr. Innocent A. J. Semali Lecturer MD, MSc Epidemiology, PhD
3 Prof. Fred Solomon Mhalu MBChB,MRC Pathology, FRC Path,Doctor of Medicine
4 Dr. Edward Mgaya Senior Lecturer MD, MMed
Department of development studies -MD

The Department of Development Studies at the St. Joseph College of health science puts its teaching and research focus on the transdisciplinary analysis and critique of global inequalities. It is concerned with theories of and approaches to social, political, economic and cultural developments in an international perspective.

1 Mr. Balazar Safari Awe Assistant lecturer B.Ed, MA (DS)
2 Mr. HamisMtanda Assistant lecturer BA, MA (DS)
Department of Basic Communication Skills - MD

Communication skills are essential no matter where or who you are. However, successful communication within a workplace can determine whether a business, company, or individual is successful or not. If communication should break down, things such as efficiency, requirements, and morale can easily fail.

1 Mr. M. Veerababu Assistant lecturer MA English, M.Ed, M.Phil
2 Mr. Robert Michael Sikumbili Assistant lectuer BE, MSc Computer science
Department of Pathology - MD

The Department of Pathology has an excellent reputation in pure biological and biomedical research and is offering funded studentships from October 2017 to work with one of the Research Group Leaders in this large and vibrant Department.

1 Vakhtov Eduard Maratovich Associate Professor MD, PhD
2 Prof. James N NKitinya MBChB,MMed, PhD
3 Dr. Pius Magesa Senior Lecturer MD, MMed
4 Dr. Edward Mgaya Senior Lecturer MD, MMed
5 Dr. Kabyemela Lecturer MD, MSc, PhD
6 Dr. Leah Mnago Lecturer MD, MMed
Department of Microbiology and Immunology -MD

Our Microbiologists study the molecular mechanisms by which microorganisms (i.e., bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites) colonize a host, evade the immune response and cause damage. Our Immunologists study the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which the immune response either defends the host against pathogens or goes awry, such as with an allergic reaction. Many of our Molecular Cell Biologists are are studying the fundamentals of cancer and new therapeutic approaches. We all conduct research using the tools of molecular biology, genetics, cell culture, infection models, transgenic animals and bioinformatics.

1 Prof. Fred Solomon Mhalu MBChB, MRC Pathology, FRC Path, Doctor of Medicine
2 Dr. Tatiana NikolaevnaSavchenko Associate Professor MD, PhD
3 DR. Prathiban K Senior Lecturer Ms.c, M.phil.,PhD
4 Ms. Quintuz Percy Assistant lecturer BSc, MSc
Department of Parasitology and Medical Entomology – MD

Teaches the knowledge of pathogenic parasites such as malaria, worms such as Schistosomes and insect vectors of diseases

1 Dr. Richard Mwaiswelo Lecturer DDS, MSc, PhDD
Department of Epidemiology and Research Methodology – MD
2 Dr. Tibyampansha Dominick Tikahikire lecturer MD, MPH
3 Dr. Innocent A. J. Semali lecturer MD, MSc Epidemiology, PhD
4 Dr. Constantine Chasama, Tutorial assistant MD
Department of Clinical Pharmacology - MD

The Department of Clinical Pharmacology is an academic institution which aims at providing expertise and special infrastructure on clinical drug development with the ultimate goal to develop and evaluate innovative therapeutic interventions and diagnostic technologies.

1 Dr. Ashwani Kumar Associate Professor MBBS, MD Pharmacology
2 Dr. Aravind Kumar Gupta Senior Lecturer MBBS, MD Pharmacology
3 Dr. P. G. Sasi Lecturer MD, PhD
4 Dr. T. M. Mwakyandile Assistant Lecturer MD, MSc
5 M. A. Khalfani Assistant Lecturer MD, MPH
Department of Biostatistics and Demography –MD
1 Mr. ElevatusNkebukwaMukyanuzi Lecturer BA, MA Stastistics
2 Mr. John GeofreyMassito Assistant Lecturer BA, MA Economics
Community Health and Nutrition – MD
1 Dr. Biplab Jamatia Associate Professor MBBS, BRDMC, MD Community Medicine
2 Dr. Tibyampansha Dominick Tikahikire lecturer MD, MPH
3 Dr. Innocent A. J. Semali lecturer MD, MSc Epidemiology, PhD
4 Dr. Constantine Chasama, Tutorial assistant MD
Department of Internal Medicine – MD

Welcome to the Department of Internal Medicine. We take great pride in being one of the country’s most productive and dynamic centers of academic medicine as well as the largest clinical department in the UC Davis Health. Our team includes 230 faculty, 375 support staff, 142 residents and fellows and 400 volunteer clinical faculty. We offer a broad spectrum of patient care services, research and education.

Department of Pedatrics and Child Health – MD

Paediatrics and Child Health at Stellenbosch University is dedicated to the improvement of health of all children in the Western Cape. We offer health care services, medical education and research programmes that address critical issues in children's health.

1 Prof. Roger Lewis Mbise Principal MBchB, MSc Cardiology
2 Dr. PrasannaKumari Assistant lecturer MBBS
Department of Surgery –MD

The Department of Surgery has a strong clinical research emphasis and our overall strategy is to improve the surgical management of disease through developments in both basic and translational research. There is a major focus on applied clinical research and a key feature of the department is the close integration of University and NHS surgeons.

1 Fetisov Kirill Valerievich Associate Professor MD, PhD
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology- MD

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology contribute to a wide spectrum of educational programs. A six week core clerkship is taken by all medical students and M4 sub-internships are offered in gynecology, family planning, reproductive endocrinology and infertility, and community-based obstetrics and gynecology. Approximately 12 second year physician assistant students also perform a one month rotation through the department as part of their training.

1 Festas L. Mpojolu Tutorial Assistant MBBS
Department of Psychiatry - MD

The Department of Psychiatry is part of the School of Clinical Medicine in the University of Cambridge. It is an internationally leading centre of research in academic psychiatry over the life course, including neuroscience, developmental psychiatry, intellectual disabilities, old age and epidemiological

1 Professor Rafael Bisaliev, MD, PhD, DSc. Professor, Vice Principal MD. PhD
2 Esther Steven, Lecturer Lecturer MD
Department Of Otorhinolaryngology– MD
1 Mahendra Sharad Chandra Naik Associate Professor MBBS, MSOphthalmology
Department Of Ophthalmology - MD
1 VishwaRatan Lecturer MBBS, MS Ophthalmology
Department Of AnaesthesiaAnd Critical Care Medicine –MD
1 Kolotilov Leonid Vadimovich Associate Professor MD, PhD
Department Of Orthopedics And Trauma – MD
1 Anil John Lecturer MBBS, MS Orthopedics
Department of Physical Education - MD
1 Dr. A. KirubaJebaseeli Lecturer B.P.Ed, M.P.Ed , PhD